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Sally and Peter from Hinterland FeijoasWelcome to Hinterland Feijoas.

We are Sally and Peter, and we are Australia’s first certified organic feijoa growers.

Our feijoa journey started in 2007 when we started planting a few acres of our Sunshine Coast hinterland farm with around 700 feijoa trees. We chose feijoas because we love eating them and wanted to bring a new healthy new taste to Australia. Luckily we found lots of other feijoa lovers along the way and we sell most of our luscious tree-ripened fruit from our farm gate in March each year. We also sell to local shops and organic wholesalers, and send some feijoas direct to your door via couriers.

We’ve been lucky enough to win 5 Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards from 2011-2015, and are now inductees in the Hall of Fame! In 2014 we were Australian delegates at the Slow Food International conference in Italy, sponsored by Slow Food at Noosa, which was an amazing experience that allowed us to meet and learn from thousands of good clean farmers and foodies from all around the world.

The great thing about organic farming is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as we protect our environment, our health and our future by caring for our soil and bees. Our farm houses a bee sanctuary for Adopt-a-Beehive , and we have planted hundreds of native trees in wild-life belts to help feed nature and protect our crop.

If you don’t know what a feijoa is, there is plenty of information here, and make sure you try some of our special fruit in the season…. they are addictive and incredibly good for you.

See you soon and thanks for visiting,

Sally and Peter

Tropical fruit

Feijoas originated in the forests of South America and are fragrant smooth-skinned green sub- tropical tree fruit that have creamy sweet jelly centres. They are part of the Myrtle family, which includes other fragrant plants such as eucalyptus, allspice, guavas, and cloves. Their distinctive complex flavour has been likened to a mix of strawberries, pineapple and guavas, with undertones of quince, lemon and mint. In Aubowl of fruitstralia they are sometimes known as pineapple guavas. The unique complexity and fragrance of the feijoa is the reason they are so versatile and addictive, with uses ranging from just munching them by the dozen to making beautiful perfumes.

Feijoas are ripe in autumn in Australia, providing an excellent fresh fruit option full of nutrients and especially Vitamin C to build immunity for the cooler months ahead.

orchard uncoveredHuge in New Zealand

In New Zealand Feijoas are a major horticultural industry and most homes have a feijoa tree in their back yard, so if you are a Kiwi you’ll know all this … just skip to the bit at the end about how to buy them….

Aussies pronounce the fruit as “FAY-Jo-ahs”, Kiwis say “FEE-Jo-ahs”, but its really a Latin word that should sound something like “ f-JHO-as” with a husky voice!


Feijoas are an extremely versatile fruit with very little wastage, being scooped out and eaten as fresh fruit and in fruit salads, used in juices, smoothies and ice creams, wines and vodkas, jams and chutneys, salads, in savoury dishes, salsas and especially in baking.  They are also easily frozen for future use, and are even used in perfumes and skin care ranges. The question should really be “What can’t you do with a feijoa??”.


Feijoas are prized around the world as a super- food because they are high in Vitamin C, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. One feijoa is estimated to provide a quarter of your daily fibre needs, with the part-grainy texture cleaning as it goes. They are amongst the most alkaline foods available, helping to balance the ph of the body, plus a great source of potassium, vital for regulating blood pressure. Feijoas have been named as the best fruit to take during pregnancy as they also contain folates and iodine plus the all important fibre. Feijoas have been used in natural skin care ranges and teas for these healing qualities.  Other than that they taste fantastic and one is never enough!

Certified Organic – No Chemicalsorganics you can trust

We love farming and are committed to sustainable farming practices. We grow all our fruit and vegetables using biological farming best practices and their whole farm is certified organic.(OGA Certified Organic 1416 A). No synthetic chemicals are used on the fruit, and visitors are welcome at their farm. You can taste the goodness in our fruit!

Farm Open Times, Tours and Group Bookings

We have finished harvesting fresh feijoas this season and the farm gate shop is closed. Usually we open our farm  Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays through March , 10am-3pm.

If you’d like to join our mailing list we send out a start of season note next February. When the farm is open kids can run around, play with our mini-ponies Twinkle Toes and Smokey the Bandit, and you can taste our whole range. We also do tea and coffee, have our feijoa gelato range for sale, and find that most visitors want to  stay for the day.935841_468165026601567_1529991476_n

We welcome  group bookings from any interested parties, including clubs. We can tailor an event to suit your group’s needs, and can include morning or afternoon tea. Contact us to book a time. Groups can come all year and any day by arrangement.

Feijoa Jams and Chutney

Hinterland Feijoas produces a hand-made jam and chutney line, with unique recipes created by local chef Peter Wolfe, of Cedar Creek Farm. Classic Feijoa Jam, delicious Feijoa and Boysenberry Jelly, spicy cured Feijoa Chutney, tangy Feijoa and Ginger Jam, and a world first Feijoa and Rosella Jam are the opening lines. All our jams are preservative and gluten free, and are made with 50% fresh organic fruit or more.jam special

Feijoa Balsamic Glazes

Hinterland Feijoas also produces a unique range of Feijoa Balsamic Glazes. Our range includes a syrupy white balsamic glaze and aged dark balsamic reduction, both flavoured by with our pure organic feijoas. Drizzle over desserts, fruits or cheeses,  as a salad dressing, on cheeses,  as a meat or seafood glaze.

Pure frozen feijoa pulpdeej

Imagine the taste of feijoas all year round! We produce 500gm freezer packs of pure organic feijoa pulp, nothing added. Use for  baking , making icecream all year round, or on your cereal and in smoothies. Only available from the farm.

What’s happening on the farm this season?

dawnWe have finished harvesting and will start to take off the nets and prune , as well as give the trees a good harvest and rest.

Keep checking our website for updates on stockists and new products, and join our mailing list if you’d like to be notified when the fruit is ready.

“We hope you enjoy eating our feijoas as much as we enjoyed growing them.”      Sally and Peter.