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Hinterland Feijoas is completely organic  and has approximately 750 feijoa trees with 6 varieties planted to give us the longest possible fresh fruit season with early, mid and late fruiting varieties.

We use organic biological farming methods and no chemical inputs. The way we farm is important, as it creates an end product with maximum health benefits, and takes care of our environment. Our aim is to be self-sufficient and build soil health to a level that requires low additional inputs.

This year we have converted our garage into a beautiful farm shop and artisan gallery,  and have bought a retro food van, so that we can open all year round as well as the feijoas season. 

Growing feijoas commercially in Australia is a relatively new industry. We have started from scratch in many areas such as correct fertiliser inputs and rates, and dealing with any pests that we have encountered. To do this we use regular soil and leaf tests to monitor the plant’s nutrient needs and the health of the soil. We use agronomists advice on the best organic inputs and have used a mix of foliar, soil and fertigation applications every year, depending on the plant’s needs. We use green manure and cover crops, grow mulch on farm, compost manure on farm, and have noticed the huge improvment to our soil since we bought the property in 2006.

Farming without synthetic chemicals is harder in some ways than using readily available pesticides and herbicides, as organic farming often requires plain old manual labour to get the job done. However the benefits outweigh the hard work, when we can walk into our orchard, pick fruit of the tree and eat it without any worry. We know our fruit retains luxury levels of antioxidants and minerals, just as nature intended. It is as important for our health as yours, as we work in the orchard every day, and have no desire to be exposed to synthetic chemicals through spraying or direct contact.

Our farm has been featured four times in Acres Australia, a sustainable agricultural newspaper available nationally.

We would also  like to acknowledge the help given by our New Zealand feijoa grower friends.

For Farm Shop, gallery and Food Van Open Times see our home page.

Fresh fruit seasonally.

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Sally’s Tedx Talk – May 2015

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