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A few years ago we had a lovely young French man Martin working in the orchard with us. His mother Pascale sent him off into the world with the most amazing collection of hand-written recipes. Martin is now planting feijoas in his orchard in France!

This is Clafoutis, a traditional French desert that can be made with most fruits, and Martin made for us with Feijoas before he left to travel around Australia some more. Pascale you did a fine job raising Martin and thank you for sending him and your recipes to us!

500g fruit ( feijoas, plums, apples, nectarines, cherries, peaches, figs… anything really!)

125g sugar ( Martin says you can use less)

100g plain flour

pinch salt

3 eggs

250ml milk

Butter oven-proof pie dish

Put fruit in dish- usually you slice fruit in half and cover the base of your dish with fruit so the round halves are facing up and will show through the batter.

Put sugar, flour and salt in a bowl and mix

Add eggs one at a time mixing well with a wooden spoon

Add milk a little at a time mixing well

Mix should be a batter, and at this stage you can add a dash of vanilla, rum or Grand Marnier!

Pour batter over fruit and bake at 180 degrees c for 40 mins or longer if needed.

Sit for a little while then eat warm with cream or custard.